April 22, 2019
There is no argument to be made that Net-Tell LLC is not a pioneer in the area of inexpensive, high-quality home telephone service. In fact, most agree that Net-Tell LLC offers telephone service that is superior to most local phone utilities, even though they offer their service at a price that said phone company may be unable to match. They are able to do this because they have fully adopted the technology of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to route calls via the Internet.

The only real difference between Net-Tell LLC and traditional home phone companies comes when you get the bill. Net-Tell LLC saves most customers lots of money every month, even though they often receive more features. In addition to unlimited calls and no long-distance charges on domestic calls, Net-Tel LLC phone plans feature low international calling rates and many free features that traditional phone companies often charge extra to get. Features like Caller ID service, Caller ID blocking, anonymous call blocking, three-way calling, and conference calling, all come included with any Net-Tell LLC calling plan. Call them and start saving today.
October 19, 2018
Net-Tell LLC home phone service saves customers money by routing all calls through the Internet, rather than a standard phone line. You won’t notice the difference because they are pioneers in the use of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which simply means they route calls over the Internet. The key to Net-Tell LLC being able to offer quality phone service at a lower cost comes with their ability to route calls over the Internet, instead of hard wire, which is expensive to build out and maintain. That means massive savings, which they pass on to customers.

Otherwise, the experience is the same. Net-Tell LLC customers connect their standard landline phone to their broadband router and they use it to call family, friends, co-workers or business associates, the same as they always have. Not that Net-Tell LLC customers even notice a difference. Some people may not care to save hundreds of dollars on their home phone service every year, but it’s a big deal for most. They should look into Net-Tell LLC.
January 15, 2018
It’s possible that some people who exist for whom saving hundreds of dollars per year on home phone service is unimportant. Of course, few of us know someone like that. For everyone we know, Net-tell LLC is an excellent alternative to the local phone company. Because they use the Internet to route phone calls, Net-Tell LLC saves a lot of money, compared to having to run wire everywhere, and they pass those savings on to their customers.

All Net-Tell LLC calling plans come with unlimited domestic calling at a flat rate with no long distance charges, but they also offer the lowest international rates anywhere. Each plan also comes with many great features that many phone companies charge a fee for, if they are available at all. Among these included features are Caller ID service and anonymous call rejection. Net-Tell also provides a state-of-the-art enhanced voicemail system that is so good, many customers consider it better than the one supplied by the local phone company. And the best part is, they get everything at a low price with no surprises. Anyone who would like to save hundreds of dollars per year, which is most people, could consider what Net-Tell LLC is able to offer.
June 30, 2017
When people sign up for Net-Tell LLC monthly home telephone service, customers get a different type of service, the type that uses the Internet, through a system commonly referred to as VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, to route phone calls in all directions, to and from friends, family, customers and others. The only difference was, because the calls go over the Internet instead of expensive hardwired phone lines, Net-Tell LLC saves a boatload of money and they happily pass on the savings.

There is no loss of call quality when using Net-Tell LLC as your home phone service, so the only difference you’ll see is when the bill comes. And that surprise will be a good one. They feature low flat rates on all domestic calls, the lowest possible international calls and a host of free features for which phone companies often charge extra, if they’re available at all.